Pioneer EcoScience | Exclusive Distributor of Pioneer® brand Products in Japan

As the exclusive Japanese distributor of world-renowned Pioneer® brand products, we aim to introduce innovative cutting-edge, high quality products, services & technologies that fit the unique needs of markets in Japan and globally.

In order to improve Japan’s food self-sufficiency rate, we are innovating to convert unused rice paddy fields into production areas for grain corn. Sanatech Seed, our venture partner from the University of Tsukuba, has developed a high GABA gene edited tomato using CRISPR/CAS9 technology and is quickly proceeding to promote this great discovery to wider society in Japan alongside a home gardening campaign.

In addition, Pioneer EcoScience is also developing a new agricultural platform that will provide solutions for crop yield to farmers tailored to their specific situation. This “PsEco” Platform will incorporate cutting edge technology from around the world and provide a one stop solution for analysis, subscription and e-commerce through the farmers’ eyes.

Feed & Grain Department | Pioneer Every Day

We are on the cutting edge of Japanese dairy, livestock, and future agriculture development based on Pioneer® brand products created by one of the world's most advanced technology.

In order to support Japanese dairy & livestock farming, we developed innovative & efficient feed production such as "no-till farming" based on world-renowned Pioneer brand seeds and silage lactic acid bacteria products, the multi-cultivation "SAMCO" system that enables corn cultivation in extremely cold regions, and implementation of two-stage corn cultivation. We are promoting cultivation of our "grain corn”, a crop that has hardly been cultivated in Japan until now, in unused rice paddies. These activities have a strong impact on Japanese agriculture.

CRISPR/Cas9 & World’s First Gene Edited Tomato

Sanatech Seed | Sicilian Rouge High GABA Tomato

For Tomorrow’s Children and the Earth.

The “Sicilian Rouge High GABA” is the world’s first gene edited tomato. Developed by CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology in Japan, this tomato has 4-5 times higher GABA content compared to original non-gene edited tomatoes. GABA has been reported to lower blood pressure and produce relaxation effects. This world first project, the notification to the government, cultivation and direct consumption of our gene edited tomatoes is underway. The world is looking towards Japan's pioneering approach to cutting edge technologies. We will continue to use our global network to develop new traits, varieties and crops.

PsEco Platform

About PsEco & Lexi Tech

Agronomic consultation becomes mobile with data.

Prior to the development of PsEco, we established Lexi Tech with Jack Milbank (CEO of Lexi Tech) as an agricultural technology data platform in 2020 as a joint venture with Novum Lifescience (Australia). The state-of-the-art agricultural technology group integrated in Lexi Tech's global network is one of PsEco's technology sources. Lexi Tech operates in Japan, Australia, the United States and Singapore and has large projects in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Uzbekistan and Chile. Learn more about AgPro and Lexi Tech’s vision of innovation and the tide of modern agriculture in the linked video.

PsEco (Software Platform in the center of a chart below) was developed to provide solutions for farmers based on soil, sap, water quality and microbial analysis tied to the sale of fertilizers, pesticides, microbial materials and seeds by an integrated program.