Carlo will be taking the lead role in developing Mauro’s Mediterranean Tomatoes with Mauro’s continued support and is excited to be a part of shaping the future of these tasty fruits.

Carlo is very proud to continue the breeding activities of Mauro and to take advantage of his expertise and guidance of many years; the road he wants to walk is already paved: to push tomato breeding on into the future with the same passion of Mauro and modern breeding tools such as gene editing.

Just a few months ago, gene editing was still a sort of dream, but now it is an exciting reality: to couple traditional breeding and gene editing casts light on a brighter future, rich with opportunities.

”Tradition and innovation will enforce each other to breed new Mediterranean tomatoes to be enjoyed by people around the world.”

We have many varieties of tomatoes available from our Mauro’s Mediterranean brand.

You can check them out on our product page.