Henry A. Wallace, the founder of Pioneer Hi-Bred International, successfully launched the First Hybrid Seed in the world. The principle of Pioneer has been "Long Look", and our corporate policy is still the same as in the age of Henry A. Wallace.

We have been selling and marketing the "Pioneer Brand" hybrid corn seed since 1980 in Japan. Our core value is to maximize farmer's profit by leveraging the most innovative products and service at the farming places. Our hybrid corn seed has been developed specifically to the dairy farmer for making silage.

In 1981, we became the first company to introduce the Pioneer Brand "Microbial Silage Inoculant" in Japan. Since then, we have made significant progress in improving the quality of grass and corn silage, not just by implementing best practices of silage management but also with development of peripheral products like our "silage cover". We currently have unique hybrid corn portfolio that can be applied to the SAMCO system that encompass the degradable plastic, machinery process of seeding as well as integrated chemical applications, and so forth, which enables the corn producers in the northern part of Japan to grow more corn.

In addition, we are now innovating with rice paddy fields. Transforming under-utilized rice paddies into sites for corn grain production is a core tactic for maximizing profitability for matters of national interest and efficient utilization of land. We expect a great opportunity to increase the corn grain seed market for feeding domestic livestock as well as supplying domestic corn grain to other industries like Breweries and Snack Foods. Our ultimate goal is facilitating agricultural innovation by introducing cutting edge technology as well as advanced materials which we have discovered across the globe. While we have incessantly strived to create new value in the market. Our work should be innovative, leading, and serviceable to producers.